Fishing on the River Yare

The River Yare

Fantastic Fishing River

Managed and run by Great Yarmouth and Norfolk County Angling Association, the River Yare that runs through Langley and Rockland St Mary has become one of the most sought after match fishing venues in the country, with top name match anglers travelling long distances to experience the magic of this wonderful tidal river.

Below is a breakdown of each area with peg references along with information on how to access them, and what you can expect from your days fishing.

Day tickets are available on the bank from the bailiff at £5, season tickets are also available from the bailiff, prices are as follows. Full £30, Senior Citizen £25 this entitles you to fish from any available peg except when matches are booked. These are signed at each entrance to the river. Pleasure pegs are usually made available on other sections when matches are booked. Please see fixtures page.

Fishing is allowed 24 hours per day during the fishing season (16th June to 14 March) with the exception of the Claxton bank where fishing is allowed during the hours of daylight between 16th June and 30th September each year.

Claxton Bank (pegs 22-60)

This bank is to the left of the Beauchamp Arms. Park on the grass area outside the main pub car park and walk to the left to access Pegs 22 – 60. The first peg you come to through the gate is peg 60 and the area between this peg and peg number 44  is known as “roach bay” and by it’s name is renowned for catching big bags of roach on either the pole, pole feeder or conventional stick float. Some skimmers and bream do show from time to time on the feeder.

Pegs 43 to 31 is known as “cyanide straight” despite its name bream and skimmers are in abundance along this stretch.

Pegs 30 down to end peg 22 just through the Rockland drainage pump gate is renowned for both roach and bream with pegs 22 and 23 renowned for good bags of bream.

Important Car Park Change – Beauchamp Arms

We can no longer park on the grass area outside the Beauchamp Arms main car park. However you can park in the Buckenham Sailing Club car park which is situated to the right of the main pub gate. This means only a few steps more to get to the bank by walking the usual way through the pub car park which is a public right of way called the Wherrymans Way. Parking is limited so please park sensibly and considerately so both anglers and the sailing club can use the car park considerately.

The Boards and Jungle (Pegs 61-90)

This bank is to the right of the Beauchamp Arms. This bank can be accessed from the first track as you leave the Beauchamp Arms onto the main road travelling towards Loddon situated on a sharp bend about 250 metres from the access road to the pub. Travel to the bottom of the track and park in the new car park. At the top of the access ramp just through the left pedestrian gate is peg 82. The peg numbers to the left go down to peg 61. Pegs 83 to 90 can be accessed by going through the right hand pedestrian gate. Pegs 61 to 72 are on a piled bank and most methods including pole, feeder and stick float will produce either good roach to 2lb, skimmers or bream to 5lb. Pegs 73 to 84 are situated in the reeds and although comfortable to fish are more suited to feeder fishing. Pegs 85 to 90 are on open bank and both feeder and float methods are used here.
Sluice Bend or Concrete Bridge (Pegs 86-116)

This bank can be accessed by driving down the same track as for the Boards and Jungle but before you reach the main car park turn right onto track along the field. Once at the end of the field turn left over the concrete bridge and park in the car park provided. Walk up the ramp onto the flood bank and you will find pegs 91 -99 situated to the left of the ramp of which all have had fishing pads erected. Pegs 100 to 119 are situated to the right of the bridge. These pegs are situated in the reeds and all having fishing pads.

The whole stretch is renowned for big weights of bream and skimmers to 5lb with good roach sport should the water be relatively clear.

Langley Pump (Pegs 117-149)

This bank can be accessed approximately 500 metres from the Beauchamp Arms Pub entrance travelling towards Loddon. The track is signposted Monks Barn, drive to the bottom of the track where you will see Langley Pump House. Drive to the left of the pump house through the gate, park in the car park and walk up the ramp onto the flood bank. Peg 135 is the first peg to the left of the pump house going back to 117 which is situated in the reeds. Pegs 136 to 149 are all to the right of the pump house. Again big weights of bream to 6lb can be expected if the water conditions are right. Good bags of roach to 2lb can also be taken if the water is clear.

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