Fishing on the River Yare

Fishing Tips

The River Yare is a powerful tidal river and fishing it is not for the faint hearted although you still need a little finesse and skill to make the most of your days fishing on this challenging Norfolk River. Below you can find the basic methods and essential equipment you will need to tackle a day’s fishing on the River Yare that will hopefully bring you a fantastic days sport.

Feeder Fishing for Bream & Roach

The number one method on the river is the Feeder. However it’s not a simple case of cast it out and hope!! With the right approach you could have a fantastic days fishing.

Rather than trying to explain how to fish the feeder method you can click on the images below and watch one the videos below featuring Nick Larkin, Steve Crowe and Mark Pollard of how they fish the River Yare with fantastic results.

A collection of videos from Nick Larkin and Nisa Feeders showing a step by step guide on how to set up a feeder rig for the River Yare, how to use the bite indicator for pole fishing and a video of what you can expect from a days fishing on the river.


From the Waters Edge have produced a set of videos showing how to fish the feeder on the River Yare. Steve Crowe shows you some useful tips and what you can expect from fishing near the pump and also the concrete bridge section that has provided some big match weights.


Mark Pollard shows us his approach to feeder fishing on the River Yare. Mark takes us through the simple feeder rig, baits, and tips and shows how rewarding a days fishing can be on the river if you get the tactics right.


Nick Larkin Teaching Session

Nick Larkin & Nisa FeedersTo make sure you get the most out of on the River Yare why not book a teaching session with Nick Larkin?

Nick has been fishing the River Yare for many years and you will find it hard to find a more experienced angler than Nick to learn from. Nick runs teaching sessions on the River Yare throughout the months of June, July, August, September and October to pass on his expertise and tips on how to make the most out of your days fishing on the river.

Nick runs teachings in groups of 10 and also does private tuitions on request. So visit his site and book early to avoid disappointment.

Nisa Feeders

Nick is also the man who produces the Nisa Feeders that is part of virtually every match anglers tackle box. These swim feeders are specially designed for the River Yare and come in a variety of weights and sizes with numerous weight clip on’s also available.



Pole Fishing for Roach

The second main method that is popular on the river is fishing the roach pole which can result in some fantastic fantastic fishing with roach regularly being caught up to 2lb and match weights exceeding 30lb.

With such a powerful river you need to have some tough gear with Grade 8 + elastic recommended and with floats weighing up to 3 grams in weight, 3lb mainline and 2lb hook length with a size 16 hook.

By using some heavy ground bait full of caster, worms, sweetcorn and maggots and alternating this bait on the hook while easing the float through the fast flowing river can result in some great fishing.


Fishing the River Yare for the first time?

If you are thinking of fishing the river for the first time then we would also recommend you bring the following accessories.

1.) Trolley/Wheel Barrow as there are some long walks to get to the river in places

2.) Waders as some pegs do get flooded during peak tide times

3.) Platform (remember this is a natural river so bank may be uneven in places)