Fishing on the River Yare


We want every one of you to enjoy your days fishing on the River Yare but we also want you to understand and respect the surrounding environment.

We know it can be thirsty work fishing matches on the River Yare and that we are all keen to get back to the Beauchamp Arms Pub after a match or pleasure fishing session to tell the tales of the one that got away but please take time to ensure all your litter, fishing line, hooks have been packed away and taken with you as there is so much wildlife that share this fantastic river with us.

However the environmental issues on the River Yare is so much more than just simply clearing up after ourselves.

The Broads Angling Strategy GroupBroads Angling Strategy Group

We strongly support the Broads Angling Strategy Group which is a partnership of local anglers, the Environment Agency and the Broads Authority, working together to liaise with those managing the Broadland area and safeguard fishing for the future while at the same time maintaining the natural beauty of the Broads landscape and its importance for wildlife.

For more information on the challenges, stratagies and current projects visit the Broads angling Strategy Group website by clicking on the image or the link below


The Angling Trust

The Angling Trust recognizes the value of the Broad land both in terms of it’s social economic and environment value, with it being Englands largest fresh water fishery.

We wish to work with the BASG and key partners to ensure these values are both maintained and enhanced so they can be enjoyed by all for the future.


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Keith Ford ran maches on the River Yare for many years